“Independent Beginner Readers” Series Created By Eva Wolf

Volume 1 (Level 1) “I See A Cat”

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The theme for volume 1 is  Colors:  Introduces kindergarten key sight words such as: I, see, a, cat, is, the, black, like, tree, big, bird, blue, in, hat, purple, bear, brown, duck, yellow, car, green, ball, orange, pig, pink, heart, red, has.

Independence: This is a series of  “self reading” books – colorful imagery combined with basic starter words encourage the child to sound out words and read on their own.

Each book introduces 30+  sight words, includes 30+  illustrations and 30+ pages.

Enchantingly affectionate cat character and interesting story line make this a perfect book for beginner readers and kindergarteners. Introduces your reader to Dolch pre primer words.

This books are divided into three or more chapters with a vocabulary word review list at the end of each chapter to reinforce material.  Beautifully illustrated books with original water color paintings.

Also available in Spanish!

Great way to introduce your little reader to Spanish – after they have mastered the sight words in English book 1 “I See A Cat”.

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 Level 1,(Volume 2) “Cat In A Box”

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The theme for this volume is movement.  This book introduces 28 sight words, includes 26 illustrations and 31 pages.

Introduces words such as: on, out, under, jump, down, up, look, open, close. Reintroduces and reviews a few sight words from Volume 1: I SEE A CAT, such as: the, cat, likes, a, in, sees, is.

Enchantingly affectionate cat character returns to charm your young reader into easily digesting new words!

This book is also divided into three sections with a vocabulary word review list at the end of each section to reinforce material.